Save the date for Oklahoma’s Largest Holistic Wellness Event!

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023
at Northeastern State University Broken Arrow

9am – 3pm

Vendors • Speakers • Workshops • Food Trucks • Shopping • Music • COMMUNITY!

Save the Date for our 2024 event! Saturday, September 21st, 2024!

Proudly Sponsored by:

Hosted by Oklahoma Center for Wellness

Oklahoma Center for Wellness is building a sustainable wellness center in Northeastern Oklahoma.
Founded on our pillars of holistic health & wellness, regenerative agriculture producing nutrient dense foods, conscious parenting and education, healthy aging, living in alignment with the earth, our communities, and ourselves, The Center is it’s own local living economy providing families the opportunity to connect and contribute, while remaining sovereign in choices of health, food, education, and more for their children and themselves.”
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What people are saying...

"I made so many great connections both to help our mission and to help connect others. I found this to be one of the most valuable events I have attended, ever, and I have been to many."
"Thank you so much for having me! I made some great connections and got to serve many new faces. I appreciate your passion and drive. I’ll be honored to participate next year."
"We made lots of new contacts for our local chapters and the Foundation now has some fabulous new members!"
Joanna Francisco, Weston A Price Foundation, HWE 2022 Vendor
"The Holistic Wellness Event was well rounded with vendors of different modalities and principles, which blended together to create a full Holistic approach to Wellness."
Leigh Ankrum, Ankrum Institute of functional Bodywork, HWE 2022 and 2020 Vendor
"The vendors were great. I found that networking with them was just as valuable as the attendees. One vendor contact I made was worth the entire price of admission."
Dr Diandra Wood, Bodywork and beyond, HWE 2022 and 2020 vendor
"Great job bringing together great vendors in one location who are all about natural health. It's a great networking event as well."
Vickie Washburn, The Body Shoppe, HWE 2022 and 2020 Vendor
"I absolutely would attend another event. It was wonderful having so many resources in one place for this holistic-curious mama!"
Lindsey M, attendee

The Holistic Wellness Event 2023 VENDORS


The Holistic Wellness Event 2023
Official Event Guide

Featuring TWO stages this year!

The Art Gallery on the first floor and The Banquet Hall on the second floor.

The first 50 registered attendees receive a free swag bag filled with donations from our vendors and community.*
*one per household please.

Follow the signs to enter at the West entrance of the Administrative Services Building
at Northeastern State University, Broken Arrow.

Enter the raffle at the registration desk, and head upstairs for our opening announcements!

9:00 am: Head upstairs to the 2nd Floor Banquet Hall
for our Opening Annoucements and more.

Raffle tables + shopping opens
Winners will be drawn at 2:55 pm.
You do NOT have to be present to win!


9:20 am:  Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Andrea Reed, Oklahoma Center for Wellness

We are launching something BIG!

Don’t miss this short introduction to what we are building.


9:30 am:  Art Gallery, 1st Floor

Free Yoga Session with Tulsa yogaQUEST and Energy Environments Inc

Movement is medicine. Healthcare and fitness experts alike believe physical movement improves and supports the sustainability of a person’s wellness. When we purposefully move our bodies, flexibility, mobility, and strength increase, and stress levels decrease. Join us as we share and demonstrate a sampling of the many forms of movement intended to span virtually any age range and body type. 


9:45 am: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Deb Worthington, Transcendent Tulsa
“Altered States of Consciousness: Why having experiences in non-ordinary states are important.”

Deb will discuss altered states (expanded awareness), how you can access these deeper meditative states safely, using technology and techniques, and how those experiences can enhance your life.


10:15 am:  Art Gallery, 1st Floor
Joan and Alan McBroom, Debt to Health
“The Mi$$ing Link in Holistic Health”

Stress Resolution is a fundamental of holistic health.
We will show you how you can eliminate up to 75% of the interest on all of your debt
including mortgage principle and shave 20 to 25 years off of your 30 year Mortgage
(Latin for Death Pledge) Beat the bank and improve your mental health and relationships! 


10:30 am: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Leigh Ankrum, Ankrum Institute
“Following the Root of Pain in the Neck.”


11:00 am:  Art Gallery, 1st Floor

Joanna Francisco, Weston A. Price Foundation
“Applying the Universal Principles of Ancestral Diets to Today’s Modern Families”

How can a farm-sourced, deeply nourishing, ancestral diet
(also known as following the timeless Weston A. Price dietary guidelines)
be accessible and affordable in today’s economy?
Joanna will show you how to get the most nutrient density for your dollar!


11:15 am: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Andrea Reed, Ancestral Clearing
“Resolving Trauma in Your Family Lineage.”

Have you ever felt like trauma in your family lineage is running the show?
In this talk, learn where it may have started and tools to help resolve it.


11:45 am:  Art Gallery, 1st Floor

Music Performance by Sharla Ember


12:00 pm: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Boxed Lunches pre-orders are available for pickup.


12:45 pm:  Art Gallery, 1st Floor

Sarah Goins, The Parent Coach
“From Frustration to Peace and Connection:
5 Powerful Shifts to Transform Your Parenting.”


1:00 pm: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Erin Martin, Fresh Rx
“Food is Medicine 2.0”


1:30 pm:  Art Gallery, 1st Floor

Carla Grogg, GP Soils
“From seed to table, achieving the Fall garden sustainably & organically.”


1:45 pm: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

James Eldridge, Kingdom Chiropractic
“The Healing Power of the Brain”

2:10 pm:  Art Gallery, 1st Floor

Kat Robinson, Robinson Ranch
“Our Farm Story:  Dumping the American diet to heal our bodies.”


2:20 pm: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Homeschool Panel Q&A
With Andrea Reed, Andrea Scott, Joanna Francisco, Sara Wallace, and Kristen Winn
Send in your questions for the panel and enter for a chance to win
a homeschool book bundle when you click the link here.


2:40 pm:  Outside the Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Last call for Raffle entries

2:55 pm: Banquet Hall, 2nd Floor

Raffle Drawings + Closing Remarks
The Holistic Wellness Event 2024 date to be announced!

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