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Kumar Brahmbhatt

Tribe of Humanity offers an array of support for health, wellness as well as supports for the creation, implementation and training on working with the developmentally disabled, elderly and medically fragile populations. Tribe of Humanity also works with the trade, barter and sale of livestock, foods and skills.
-Healing Hub- Sensitiv Imago Health and Wellness Scan (Diagnosis and analysis of current health, Rife Therapy, Frequency Compensation Therapy, Biofeedback Therapy), Lifewave Wellness Patches, Water and Wellness Distributor (, Quicksilver Scientific Distributor (, RKT (Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise and Functional Training). Basi Pilates
-Hand 2 Hand- Livestock, Food and Skill Trade, Barter and Sell
-Specialized Care Consulting- Consultation and development of specialized 6 hour day programs and 24/7 based operations for Developmental Disabilities, Elderly Care and Medically Fragile Care.
-Caretaker Trainings- Training and testing in topics relevant to the care and management of individuals with specialized needs

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